Fee collection date is 17-01-2019 for II,IV&VI th Sem Students

Department of Botany

Botany department - established in 2014 with single regular sanctioned post. College offering the following UG  combination


Course  Undergraduate- B.Sc. with Botany ,Zoology and Chemistry 

Botany is the scientific study of plants—how plants function, what they look like, how they are related to each other, where they grow, how people make use of plants, and how plants evolved. Botany often includes the study of algae, may deal with fungi and bacteria, and usually explores the lives of plants, from tiny floating duckweeds to gigantic redwood trees. 

The Department has been adopting modern teaching methods.  To make teaching more interesting and qualitative, the modern technology including the internet, Over Head Projector is used. Virtual labs also established in the Botany Department to improve the qualitative skills in the teaching.

Objectives of the Department

 Provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research in various areas of plant sciences.

 Increase the employability of the maximum number of students by arranging the campus interview.

 Promote the self employment of the students through various areas of plant sciences.

 Organize various extension activities in the areas of plant sciences, environment and human values.

 Organize various extension activities for cultivation of democratic and human values.

 Develop the abilities of right kind of leadership amongst the students from rural area in all walks of life.

 Transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfilment of changing needs/changing society.

 Provide the opportunities of higher education for upliftment and empowerment.