Fee collection date is 17-01-2019 for II,IV&VI th Sem Students


Sanctioned Posts – 02   ::   Present Regular Faculty : 01

Contract Faculty:01

The Department of Economics started along with the B.A.(HEP) Courseat the beginning of the College in 1984 with History, Economics, Political Science in Telugu Medium. Later B.A.(HEP) EM also introduced in 1985. The Department consists twosanctioned Post with workload of 44 hours per week. The College was affiliated to Sri Krishna Devaraya University.

Curricular & Co-curricular Aspect

  Common-core Syllabus  according to all  universities in the state

  Review of syllabus at the state level for every 5 years

  Regularly conducting departmental meetings to review the coverage of syllabus.

  Regularly conducting Student Seminars to improve their speaking skills,

  Regularly conducting Quiz programmes to prepare the students for different competitive Examinations.

  Apart from the regular prescribed syllabus we help our students to enrich their knowledge through –

  Guest Lectures are arranged in Subject Topics by Experienced Lecturers/ Subject Experts

  Extension Lectures on Topics of Extension to the Syllabus

  Inter Disciplinary Lectures by the Staff   ( Useful for Competitive Exams)

  Exposure of Students to District, State and National level Seminars/ Quiz/ Essay & Elocution Competitions.

  TV programmes on Mana TV, DD National, UGC Jnana Darshan

  Material & Short films Down loaded

  Educative Movies- Historical Importance of India &  Great dramas.