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Established in 2014.

Zoology is a study of Animal Biology in all its aspects from cells to populations and from neurons to behaviour.


The Department aims to provide a broad multidisciplinary course in zoology

To show how the form, function and behaviour of animals become adapted to the environment through evolution

To develop students' practical scientific skills

To make the students aware of Natural Resources and Environment

To elucidate general biological principles through the study of specialised or experimentally tractable systems

To achieve excellence in Teaching , Research and extension Education in field of Zoology

To create awareness among students about the latest streams of life sciences including Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology

To train the students in a wide range of science based skills that provide the learning base for  future careers in disciplines such as Health sciences,

Agriculture, Environmental Management, the emerging Biotechnologies, Teaching , Research and Management.

To promote students for Self Employment through Aquaculture, Sericulture, Apiculture, Poultry, Animal Husbandry, Bio fertilizers and Vermiculture.


       1. Smt. K.VANAJA


 Field visits are organised to study natural habits and habitats of animals.

Guest lectures are organised on various advance topics to make the students aware of recent developments in the subject.

Meritorious students are encouraged by providing them special coaching for scoring maximum marks in the examination and improve average students by conducting the      assignments and remedial classes .

Faculty regularly updates academic standards by attending orientation and refresher courses and by participating in seminars& conferences

The faculty organises intra class students' seminars and quiz competitions.

Celebration of some important days and events related to environment to create awareness among the student Extension activities such as Study tours Health awareness      programmes are organised