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Within the constraints of prescribed syllabi, KSN attempts to offer an eclectic selection,

a range of options for students in the admissions pattern prescribed by the students.

The future of the knowledge society of this century depends, among other strengths,

upon the rigour of a strong Social Sciences, Physical sciences, Life sciences  and Humanities orientation.

 It was also counted as the best among colleges conducting academic examinations in Under Graduate courses

  and competitive examinations in a peaceful and systematic  manner. The college also conduct exams in

 two year post Graduate  Programme. Examination are conducting  in Conflict Transformation and Peace building,

a recent and valuable enhancement to the Sri Krishna Devaraya University Curriculum. 

The mission at KSN  is to provide quality education,

to nurture academic excellence and critical enquiry and to encourage an engaged sense of responsibility

to the larger community. KSN ’s record of excellence and its pre-eminence in the field of higher education 

We hope to keep the KSN  flag flying high in the times to come.