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Consumer Club

 Consumer Club 2016-17

     Convener :       Dr  T. Mahadeva Reddy, Lecturer in Commerce

     Members :        1.  Y. Vijaya Brunda , In Charge - Dept. of Commerce

                               2.  K. Ramachandrudu ,Lecturer in Economics


    Students Members :     1. K. Thulasi             III B.Com (CA).,

                                         2. G. Pushpalatha     III B.Com (CA).,

                                         3. B. Harika              III B.Com (Gen).,



 1.     Program on Awareness Program of Consumerism -    17th Dec’2016 at 10 am

Hearty welcome to young consumers of  India. (Shall I specially address mobile consumers of India ? ).

We all gathered here to remember our rights & responsibilities as Consumers in India and to know

about the Law relating to different Departments under Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

India is celebrating National Consumers’ Day on 24th Dec every Year. On the eve of celebrating

“ Movement of Consumerism”  on completion of 30 years of enactment of The Consumer

Protection Act  in 1986 on 24th Dec 1986 -  this awareness program is organized by the

Department of Commerce and Committee on Consumer Awareness of our College.

I feel privileged to invite our Guests on to the Dias for it’s success.

1. I start with,  Dr S. Padmavathi garu – Our beloved Principal , a motivational force behind

    us for practical learning, is humbly requested  to  Chair the occasion.

    Thank you  Ma’m.  Now I request Kum  Saira Bhanu Final  B.Com (CA) to greet her with

      a flower bouquet.

2. Now, I am happy to invite Sri Y. Mohan garu President, Consumer Rights Protection

    Organisation ( CRPO ), India on to the dias and enlighten our students with his

    valuable words on Consumerism. He is the person behind the screen to organize this

      program with a fatherly affection towards you students.

                   I request Kum S. Aparna Final B.Sc ( MECS) to extend a flowery welcome.

3. extend a hearty welcome to Sri Y.G.Sankar garu, Inspector  Dept. of  Legal Metrology,

    Anantapur  to  occupy the chair and on behalf of our students ,  Miss P.Vanaja  III B.Com

     extends a warm welcome with a Rose bouquet.

4.RTI , a very regular term we listen to. Sri P. Chalapathi garu, State Convenor , RTI ,

   Ananthapuramu graced the occasion with his presence at the shortest notice of the program.

   Being grateful for his affection, I request him to come on to the dias  to be a successful

    partner of the program.

       Miss  G. Pushpalatha, a student of  III  B.Com(CA) is requested  to  greet him with a bouquet.

5.Now, I request  our Sri T. Mahadeva Reddy garu, Lecturer in Commerce, a key person in

   arranging the program, to occupy the chair being  Convenor,  Committee on Consumer

    Awareness in our college.

              Kum C. Sivamma III B.Com (CA) is ready to show her respect with a bouquet. 

Thank you sir.

                                    I , being the member of College Committee on Consumerism, invites you all students and Staff  for the success  of  this knowledgeable program  in our college. Hoping for the best utilization of the program , Now I request Our Principal to start the program .         

                                       Thank you ma’m.